Monday, March 10, 2008

Ticket? Check

It was bound to happen.

I'm actually surprised it took this long.

Saturday evening I was driving home from Atlanta. I was enjoying a new cd - lost in a drum beat and guitar trance. The traffic was light and I casually passed cars driving slowly.

I passed a dark area of road and saw head lights flicker in my rear view mirror. Head lights not previously seen.

Then the red and blue lights joined.

I knew the second I passed the dark area that I'd just helped some cop meet his quota.

"Ma'am, I clocked you going 77 in a 55. That's why I pulled you over."
"Yes sir, I was speeding."
"Well, I hate to write this ticket. I'll see if I can knock your speed down to just 14 over."
"I'd appreciate that."

The ticket clocks me at 69. I'm sure 77 was even a little low. So, I checked some "FIRSTS" off my list. First time getting pulled over. First time getting a ticket.

Coming soon: First time going to traffic court...


Amber said...

I hate getting speeding tickets. I always get a sick feeling in my stomach that stays for days. I'm so sorry.

One hint of advice: go to traffic court and try to get it lowered even more. A lot of judges will still make you pay your ticket, but they'll lower the amount.... maybe knock it down to 9 over.

I've done it twice (I don't know if I should admit that), and it worked both times. Once I went from 14 over to 4 over, but I think I was just extremely lucky that time. Good luck!

RED MOJO said...

Here's what you do. Find out where the cop lives, somehow, keep him from getting to court, maybe have a dumpster parked at the end of his driveway of nail his door shut. If he's not there, you win!
I usually just pay the f_ing thing.

Beth said...

Some "firsts" are better than others. This kind definitely ranks low on the scale.
Good luck in court - if you're really lucky, he won't show.

Shankar said...

Saturday in Atlanta? That means you were returning from that Special Place...which means I really am a terrible influence, even half a world away.
Then again, considering how many times you've taken it to the shop, it's a mild surprise you could even get a ticket in ol' Curiosity (refer to your last post for that one - I'm surprised no one else came up with it).

Craze said...

Crap! There are some firsts we can go through life without!

Coordination Queen said...

Every time I pass a cop on the road even if I am not speeding, my stomach drops. Even though I've never been pulled over... I hope I didn't jinx myself.

Laura Lee said...

I haven't gotten a speeding ticket in a long time. But I did go to traffic school once. It was mostly just a bunch of people complaining.

Bone said...

I had a friend who went to traffic court once. The cop didn't show up so he didn't have to pay his ticket.

I always just pay it though. They've already taken up enough of my time.

Jared and Katy said...

Totally know how you feel...I've been there more times than I would like!

Dean said...

I'm not sure I can even count how many times I've been pulled over but I have only ever got two moving violations in the last 9 years.

Anyways poops, that's why you should listen to rap instead of rock.

Laane said...

My friend is a midwife and she says one can get used to the tickets.

Even when she is going to a delivery, they pull het over and give her a ticket.

I liked your entry for 3 word wednesday.

You can find my 3 word wednesday entry here: The Fire

Have a great day!

bec said...

Good luck in court!

Travis Butterfield said...

Dang. I can't believe you weren't able to wink and smile your way out of it.

Kelly said...

Just go to defensive driving and dismiss the ticket so it doesn't go on your record. Not very exciting, but at least your insurance won't go up. I hate tickets. I hate hate hate hate tickets.