Monday, February 5, 2007

Super Bored

Today is one of those days where I am not having a bad day but I’m just having “a day”. A numb day. I can’t really explain how I’m feeling so I’ll explain what I don’t feel. At lunch I went and got my food but realized I wasn’t hungry. I ate a little anyway but didn’t really want any. I’ve had some water at my desk all day. I haven’t been thirsty for it though. I’m drinking just to stay hydrated but typically I drink tons more. On my lunch break I also went grocery shopping. I just stared at all the produce. Nothing was jumping out at me. I went to the cookie isle. Nothing. Meat – same thing. I ended up getting some staple items that I hope I will start to crave soon. When I got back to work, we had a birthday party for a coworker. I wasn’t excited but I wasn’t bored. Just there. With some cake. Cake that I ate but didn’t really even want.
My friend Rexbasior has a theory that when one person has a bad day, there is someone out there having a great day. So…someone is having the most stimulating day ever!

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bec said...

hmmm... I'm pretty positive it isn't me.
I've realized recently that how well my day is going is correlated way too much with responses I get from art directors. I just decided I have to change that.