Sunday, February 25, 2007

A moving experience

This weekend I had the rare opportunity to go on a date with my sister's boyfriend. Yep, you read that right. While Julia Gulia is out in Idaho getting a degree, her boyfriend Chubs is here in Athens. Someone has to keep him company...might as well stay in the family. Two weeks ago Chubs sent me a text telling me to keep my Saturday open. He had an evening of fun planned that included dinner and "a glimpse into his past". I probed for clues the following week but all I could get out of Chubs, Julia Gulia, or Mama Mia was that I should dress up, come hungry, and bring a camera.

Turns out Chubs' past life includes blue sequined vests. He was in a show choir during high school and was asked to emcee the performance this weekend. I enjoyed several musical numbers. There were songs from Grease, The Producers, Wicked, Chicago, and Les Mes. I really enjoyed the costumes, choreography, and different styles of singing.

I wish my contact would quit sticking to my eye. I'll just rub it real quick.

Chubs did a great job entertaining the crowd. He, along with another former classmate, introduced the songs, handed out door prizes, and kept the program running smoothly. In between announcing acts, Chubs would return to his seat next to me to make sure I was enjoying myself.

Man my eye itches. What is wrong?

The program was nearing the end. Only a few more songs left.

Is that cat hair all over my pants? Oh no. These are the pants I wore over to Kathleen's apartment the other day. Her cat sat in my lap...and I'm allergic to cat hair.

The final song, Letting Go from Jekyll and Hyde, started. The entire group assembled at the front of the room. The members had changed out of their glitzy outfits and were all wearing black dresses or suits. At one point during the song, the members walked from the stage out into the audience. Each member was holding a rose and at a particular point in the song, handed it to their mother before returning to center stage.

I wish my eye would stop itching. It's starting to water. This is ridiculous!

Chubs and I happened to share a table with one of the mothers receiving a rose. The emotions were strong in the room. Many of the mothers were crying as they accepted the roses from their child. Chubs looked at me to see my reaction. Here I am, rubbing one eye as tears fall uncontrollably.

"I'm allergic to my pants!"
(Laughing) Sure Charika. It's can cry if you need to.
"No's my pants."

Chubs was right. I learned a little bit about his past. In fact, I think we both learned something. I learned Chubs used to wear sequins and he learned I'm crazy.


Rachel said...

I now know never to buy you a cat hair sweater ;)

Thomas said...

A. You are Crazy
B. You still wear Sequins
C. Did you ever think that you were just allergic to dating your sister's boyfriend?!?!?!?

Shankar said...

So where are the photographs?! He did tell you to bring a camera with you.