Friday, February 16, 2007

Going somewhere…F A S T!

I recently attended a religious forum where the speaker emphasized obedience in all aspects. I wasn’t too worried until he said this meant driving the posted Speed Limits. My friend TR² kicked me in my shin as a friendly reminder that speeding is one of my only flaws. That and humility. It is common knowledge that I tend to get places quicker than the time allotted on MapQuest. I think it must be a gene passed down through generations. If so, my dad passed one gene to me and gave my brother, The Dean Inc, a double dose.

It’s not that I’m speeding, but more so that I’m driving the speed limit that should have been posted. Really I’m doing the cops a favor. We have all seen those little black ropes they tie down on the road to measure the amount of traffic and average speed. Instead of putting those down all around town, the city could just hire me to drive different routes at a comfortable speed to see what the true speed limit should be. I could be hired for cheap since I don’t have a master’s degree in city-road-planning. Since I would be out on the roads, I could even monitor suspicious activity and communicate this back to the police. I’ll even hire out my car for advertisements as I drive around. Seriously, the benefits are endless.

Someone should nominate me for citizen of the year or something.


bec said...

If I had any authority I would hire you. That sounds great.

I was bad about speeding until one day I was racking my brain because it was so frustrating never knowing where a cop would be and I just didn't have the money to pay for a traffic ticket. Then it dawned on me, that if you don't speed you don't have to worry where they are. It was enlightening, and I've been a much slower driver ever since.

Kelly said...

I've been really good about following the speed limit since my tags are expired. So I'm definitely obedient. ;)

Rachel and her Brasileiros said...

Hahaha Charlotte you are hilarious... i can tell you really put some thought into that... speaking of masters degrees, you are studying for the GRE? what do you want your masters in and where will you go? BYU:) Did you know anitvirals can aleviate flu symptoms if given within the first 48 hours? Wish I knew that... Owen passed this evil little virus on to me. I bet its not even cold in Georgia, huh? You don't even have to worry about gettin sick i bet. LUCKEEEEEE

charlottalove said...

Oh it's cold here! We might not have snow but we have had a few mornings where it was below zero when I went to work.
Probably no on going back to BYU. I'm still REALLY at the beginning...still have to take the GRE. I want to go into nutrition though: health promotion type job. Get back to me in 2 years and then I'll know for sure. :o)

Shankar said...

I knew a guy who got stopped by the cops so many times that he finally exclaimed, "Don't you guys EVER make a mistake?!"

I've only ever got two speeding tickets, and have been issued a warning once. Two of those three times I was either going to or coming from the Temple. Not exactly celestial driving.