Tuesday, February 6, 2007

In the mouth of Old Babes

I got a perm in January. I walked into the salon and asked for a wave, something to add curl and body when I wanted to actually do my hair, but came out looking like a poodle. I did NOT like it. I washed it that night, brushed it, tried to straighten it, and washed it again the next day. Still curly. So I had to come to grips with the concept that for a few months, I will have curlier hair than I anticipated. I’ve learned how to style it better and people are even complimenting me. I assumed this meant my hair finally was starting to look okay.
This morning I had some extra time and decided to straighten my hair. It’s been about a week since I last took the time so it was fun seeing my hair straight. I’m sitting at my desk when my boss came in. Instead of the typical “Good morning” he flat out said, “What happened to the frizz?”

Hmmm…tell me how you really feel.


Rachel and her Brasileiros said...

HAHA!! Holy cow I did the SAME exact thing for the SAME exact reasons and got the SAME exact results (probably worse than yours ended up) right before Owen was born. Luckily hair doesn't take too well to a perm during pregnancy (or at least mine didn't) and it was pretty much back to normal in about 3 months. But let me tell you, walking out of the salon after the perm was horrific. Even Bruno, who ALWAYS compliments me after getting my hair done, said, "Is that how its gonna look, or does it change after a couple days?" Haha... well I'm glad you got it to look good enough for compliments... I never got mine to that point. I saw a girl in the hair isle of Walmart one day with hair that I was trying to accomplish (the same nice, natural looking wave) and I asked her how she did it. Hot rollers. I haven't tried it yet because my hair is too short now, but once yours tames itself, you should try it and tell me how it goes.

Rachel and her Brasileiros said...


bec said...

seriously, what kind of blog is this without some pictures? And this goes along really well with the blog I was just about to post about what a blessing hair straighteners are.