Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Nickname Nightmare

I have a crush on someone.

Don’t worry, I’ll get over it soon enough. Ask any of my college roommates. It got to the point where I had more crushes on guys than weeks in the year. Fall of my sophomore year, I sat down and listed all the boys I had crushed on during my two freshman semesters, the summer, and up to the current school month. The list included 85 guys! Seriously – that’s 1.63 guys per week! My roommates determined I should use a different term. We decided I was intrigued by lots of different boys. A crush is what would develop if the intrigue lasted longer than a week. I liked a boy if we went on a date and I was still intrigued. Dating a boy only happened after there was some hand-holding or lip-locking action. When I moved south to Georgia, someone asked me if I had a cow. Now, just because I grew up in Texas doesn’t mean I own livestock! But that’s not what she meant. A “COW” stands for Crush Of the Week. Ah…yes, I have a COW. Which one are you referring to?

It’s not easy being intrigued with so many boys at once. I guess it’s one of my many talents. Again, me and my humility. Anyway, I was talking to my friend Scottiethehottie and mentioned I liked a boy. He is one of my lucky friends that gets to listen to my rambling stories or occasional blonde moments. As soon as I said “I have a crush on this guy,” I knew he was going to ask for details. I didn’t want to jinx the situation by divulging info so I said that all crushes will remain nameless until boyfriend status is achieved. He said that was fine but that he would just make up his own names for the guys so he wouldn’t get confused.

Oh dear. This could get a little tricky though. I can just see a future conversation with Scottiethehottie:

So I finally kissed Ben last night.
Oh, so you and “Stephen” are dating now.
I thought you called Ben “David”.
Well, “David” is the guy you met at the dance.
Then Ben isn’t “David”. I met Ben at the concert.
Oh, then you are dating “James”.

So intriguing boy, if I slip up and call you my “$6 burger”, don’t worry, it’s just cause you’re just my COW.


Kelly said...

Oh, Charlotte! You are too funny!!! Hope your COW turns into a COY. Or maybe a LOYL.

Rachel said...

Charlotte... you are crazy. Never heard of the phrase COW and I grew up in the south. That's weird but okay :) Now, is Scottiethehottie the Scott I know of?

charlottalove said...

Kelly: talk to me next week. It will be someone different I'm sure. :o)

Rachel: yes, this is Scottie the ex-boyfriend. However, for some reason he likes the title "hottie" better than "ex". Go figure.

mallori said...

oh Charlotte, you always make me smile. You know the counselors at EFY always go on about having COWs, but this one guy was so funny, he said he didn't have COWs he had CODs, crushes of the day! can't remember if I told you about that before or not!

bec said...

So, do any of your COW's ever look at your blog? Because I thought blogging about a crush was pretty brave.

I'm Chrissy! said...

Charlotte, you crack me up. I hope you lock lips with many COWs.

Shankar said...

Hmm...sounds like you may have a hitherto unknown strain of Mad COW Disease.

Tell me about confusing code names. One of my, um, COMs (M = month) appears to have got hitched recently, and I was telling that to my confidante. Except thanks to a fuzzy memory, I nearly had to use the real name to get the message across.

"Zoe? I thought Zoe had married the guy from Coventry?"
"That's Rachel."
"I thought Rachel was the one you actual did take out on a date."
"That's Belinda."
"Then which one is Zoe?"
"She's the one about whom I was singing that song."
"Which song?"
"The furniture store advert song."
"Ohhh, now I get it."
And about time, too.