Friday, June 1, 2007

Pomp and Circumstantial Evidence

The season is upon us.

I don't mean allergy or hurricane season as much as the culprit surrounding senioritis - graduation season. Every time I turn on the radio, I'm inundated with ads for grads. These commercials made me a bit nostalgic and I recently flipped open my senior yearbook.

Ten years have gone by - my how time flies.

My how many people I've forgotten. I obviously knew them at some point though. Their notes scribbled on various pages prove we had a connection. And as you can see, uh, what a connection it was.

Trenton, um, St. Patricks Day was three months ago... And hopefully one day you'll have a son so the Burk-the-First title actually makes sense.
Chaz, I owe ya big. I don't even want to think what would've happened had you not advised me about the foil.

Robert, um, ahem, no actually you won't see me next year. It's my senior year. I'm, uh, I'm leaving. That's why you are signing this book.

This one's from my boyfriend-at-the-time. Cameron knew I didn't know elf - not many people do actually - so he thought it would be funny to sign in code. Someone gave me the code so I was able to interpret the note but I remember thinking he could have written something more worthwhile since it was a secret message and all. I don't know elf anymore to translate but any hobbits out there wanting a challenge are welcome to dicipher it.

Brandon, I'm sure he'll find some new girl. I pity her.

Jeremy, because you asked, I sign your yearbook. ~Charlottalove

Kelli, I also "LoveYaLikeASisterButAHeckOfALotMore". Good thing we shortened that.

Class of 1997 - TTYL!


Patience said...

Wow, makes me want to go dig out my old year book. Yours, '97. If you flip those numbers around, well, that's still after I graduated! I don't think anyone wrote in my book because they loved me. I guess they wrote in it because it was there, and it was the thing to do!

Kassie said...

How funny is that, I pulled mine out the other night and read lots of stuff from people who I barely remember. My how time flies!

Thomas said...

This made me think of my high school reunion a couple of years ago. I spent a couple of hours pouring over the yearbook trying to make sure that I remembered people's names.

As I drove to the restaurant all I could think was "I hope that I haven't gained the most weight." And sure enough . . . I hadn't. There were a couple of people who were totally unrecognizable.

I'm Chrissy! said...

Funny! People write funny things in yearbooks. I even had some people write their phone numbers in my book, just in case I wanted to call them during the summer. I didn't even know those people. Weird.

joN. said...

"charlotte : thanks for this year : its been great : ive never dated a senior before but its been great : prom was a blast and i enioyed going with you : i hope you have a good time at college : try not to go too wild at B : Y : U : i dont think you need to stay out past ten : just kidding : go to college and party a lot : love : cameron"

Dorky Dad said...

At my loser high school we didn't get our senior yearbooks until after the year was done. Nothing signed. Oh well. I didn't get one, anyway.

Dean said...

Shannon is a facebook friend of mine. Maybe you two lovers could respark something from the past.