Friday, June 15, 2007


I was tagged by Burg with a 5-meme. It's supposed to be about me but since Father's day is this weekend, I'm changing the rules up a bit. Here are the 5's of P2.

Five Snacks P2 Enjoys:
a.) Riesens
b.) Glass of lemonade
c.) Hershey Almond Bar
d.) Cheese and crackers
e.) Oreos

Five Shows I watched with P2 when I was younger:
a.) Are You Being Served
b.) Mr. Bean
c.) Get Smart
d.) The Red Green Show
e.) Star-Trek: the next generation

Five Things P2 Would Do If He Were a Millionaire:
a.) Buy all the tools he doesn't have yet.
b.) Buy a Cadillac XLR Roadster.
c.) Buy a house with an entire wing for his "workshop".
d.) Invest.
e.) Put his last 4 children through college.

Five great habits:
a.) He loves to read and knows something about anything.
b.) The most dependable guy I know.
c.) Kisses my mom every day.
d.) He vacuums and wipes fingerprints off cabinet doors.
e.) Always puts the toilet seat down.

Something P2 Should Never Wear Again:
a.) Two Words: "Yellow Pants"

And yes, that is yours truly on the left. I should add that I will never again wear: crazy shorts that match my sister's, hightop ReeBoks with velcro, or a gallon of hair spray while hiking.

Happy Father's Day P2. And Happy Father's Day to all you "dads" out there!


Paulebob said...

I liked the yellow pants because of the reactions on the face of others, though they do seem to be flood pants – that’s embarrassing. I also liked a yellow and green striped shirt that went with it, don't know what I was thinking wearing that other shirt and those ugly shoes. They must have gone better with the pink slacks. Fives – yellow slacks; flood pants; yellow shirt; ugly shoes; pink slacks. Will you be showing the Elvis impersonator pic’s for his memorial in August? Love ya, P2, Paulebob, a.k.a. Dad.

Dean said...

don't forget the stonewashed jeans. those were awesome.

I'm Chrissy! said...

Didn't P2 have a yellow tie, too? I'm not sure. I seem to also remember a white sport coat and a RED shirt.

charlottalove said...

Chrissy: Tie - I'm not sure but he still has the white suit coat. lol. And the red shirt comes out at Christmas with the GREEN tie.

Rachel and her Brasileiros said...

did your mom make those shorts and the outfit of your sis? My mom used to do that ALL the time when we were younger. Lisa and I would have matching home-made hawaiian shirts and shorts and we wore them on family vacations!!!

Mama Mia said...

Yep... afraid I did. At the time they were "cute"!

Jason said...

Hell, I'd be wearing shades too if I had to wear those pants... Yikes!!

thethinker said...

Awww... matching! My sister and I matched ALL the time. It was kind of strange.

michelle said...

i didnt even know some of these the snacks? i thought he liked to take the knife after everyone's made a pnut butter sandwich on sunday afternoons, and scoop enough for himself to get a mouthfull...nasty. but those clouded pants...i cant believe he got rid of those things... we really should have phramed those...or had mom recycle them in a quilt or something...haha a quilt w/all of dad's nasty pants from the 80s...seen still worn in the 90s and mid2000s.

Shankar said...

I know where the jacket is to match those pants: Dick Tracy's got them.