Monday, June 11, 2007

Wedding Bells Rang

Oh Boy, what a weekend! I knew it'd be grand.
But standard to life, events didn't all go as planned.

You see, a friend recently asked me to Be Maid of Honor.
And help with wedding details now quickly upon her.

I accepted and thought, "I'm in a wedding...That's new!"
Never expecting I'd also be sick with the flu.

It all started Wednesday; I went to bed early that night.
I thought extra rest would get me back feeling all-right.

But Thursday was awful. And work was quite busy.
I was freezing and coughing; to stand made me dizzy.

Friday was no different. I worked only four hours.
Next came rehearsal dinner and decorating with flowers.

The mother of the bride sent me home to get rest.
She said sleep would help...and I hoped she knew best.

But the following morning my voice disappeared.
It finally got better as the wedding time neared.

Although my head was adorned with red roses,
Compared to my coughing and blowing of noses,

I wasn't too pretty but it's the brides big day, Right?
All I craved was going to sleep for the night.

Now it's over and I'm glad the work's done.
Being in a wedding is hard but also it's fun.

With the heat and my flu as a bad combination
I can't remember if I gave them my congratulation.

Amber ~ may love always be in your life
David ~ take care of your beautiful wife.

When bad times creep up, remember your wedding
Your love; your vows; the direction your heading.

For better or worse, in sickness and health
In poverty's grasp or abounding in wealth,

May life give you moments to keep and to treasure
And here's to your love that it's too much to measure.

But when I say of weddings, "I'm sick!" and "I tire!"
I only speak of my health; can't call me a liar.


Thomas said...

Looks like you took some medicine from Dr. Suess so you could write your blog this morning.

Feel better.

Patience said...

Poor thang!! At least maybe they got the "In Sickness" part out of the way!!

Hope you're all better!

Jason and Lisa Kemble said...

You are SO DANG creative!!! How do you make your poems so awesome? Sorry you were sick, are you feeling better?

Kassie said...

HAHAHA! You are awesome. I am impressed that you followed through with all of the maid of honor stuff. I hope you are feeling better

Dorky Dad said...

I'm glad that your health
Has returned you your zest
Though at the wedding
You were not at your best

These events are quite nice
For both groom and the girl
Though you felt quite sick
At least you did not hurl

(I'm a bad, bad poet)

charlottalove said...

Thom, I went to the doctor and got some real medicine. Turns out I have a sinus infection. (that isn't as easy to rhyme with as "FLU" though)

Patience: I feel better. Thanks. I don't SOUND better (which earns me lots of sympathy points at work)

Lisa: Some people are just lucky and are creative - I wish I was one of those lucky ones. :o)

Kassie: Lucky for me, the mother of the bride relieved me of most of my duties.

Dorky Dad: Nice effort. And lol on the hurling.

vladtech said...

1) Hope you're feeling better
2) Awesome poem!!! What a way to rhyme in style :-)
3) That must have been one heck of an experience to laugh at when you reflect back. You probably already are.

charlottalove said...

vladtech! Welcome to the site. :o)

Craig D said...

...did they serve green eggs and ham at the reception, by any chance?

laura said...

I'm embarrassed to say, it took me a little while before I realized you were rhyming.

That was awesome. Since I've been reading your blog, sometimes you remind me of a sharper version of myself.