Friday, July 27, 2007


I was on the couch with my dad the first time I watched the movie BIG. I loved it immediately. I really connected with the plot: the concept of a child in an adult body, an electronic piano to jump on, an apartment full of toys, and most of all - a wish to come true. This wasn't an ordinary whisper as a coin fell into water or a fleeting thought as the last candle flame turned to smoke but an earnest desire voiced to a dreadful and creepy mannequin at a fair.

I recently was souvenir shopping in a neighboring state. The trinkets and odd novelties all had a thin but noticeable layer of filth. I wondered if the store would survive much longer since our small group seemed to be the first in months to disrupt the settling dust. The isles were narrow walkways that seemed to force the shopper in one direction. Turning around risked the possibility of breaking too many items.

It was at the end of one such row that I saw him. That's right. HIM. He looked just like the wish granter from BIG. He called to me. I actually had to borrow two quarters. I wanted to look to make sure he was unplugged but the cable ran too far for me to tell. The grit that hung in the air now had a sparkle and seemed to dance like fairy dust. I plunked in the change and watched his eyes start to glow. His mechanical arms waved as though directing an unseen orchestra. The crystal ball blinked various colors. He became still again and the card that held the writings of my future fell into a slot.

I see you exploring a castle soon, perhaps in England or Germany. You may meet a doctor or dentist, but not for medical reasons. Events in your life come in 3's. A new neighbor offers you friendship. Unexpected free time is in your future. You find love in a Mexican restaurant. Lucky numbers: 1, 4, 11, 21, 33, 49.

I have decided once my passport returns but with my name correctly spelled, I need to travel. England sounds fun for no particular reason. Also, does anyone know a doctor that's, say, oh, 33 years old that enjoys Mexican food?


Mama Mia said...

If you go to England, I'm coming along! Either that or I have some things for you to do! (You know what I am talking about!)

cry it out! said...

Oh BIG -- I've seen it a million times now. It also tells me to travel. Great post!


The OE said...

Secret agents keep multiple passports with multiple identities for just such purposes. And, while Mexican food isn't on the stakeout menu, many covert operatives enjoy traditional dishes where ever they may be on a mission

Em said...

I'm so sorry, I do not know a 33 year old doctor. Gee if you had only wanted one who was 32.... :)

I also tagged you with an award! I always enjoy reading your blog and wanted to share that with others!

CS said...

Here via Em's blog. I loved that movie, too. I had a step-grandmother who would tell your fortune with taror cards. I didn't actually believe er, buut I still love fortunes of any kind (I usually grab an extra fortune cookie when I get CHinese food just so I can get a doule fortune.)

thethinker said...

We just bought Big for one dollar at the video store! I really should get around to watching more than the beginning of it.

Shankar said...

Yes, I do know such a doctor. Do you want her phone number, or her e-mail address?

And they misspelled your name on your passport, too? How did they do that? Don't you have to fill out a form yourself first? This is taking incompetence to new levels.

(And while you're in England, pop on over to Denmark.)