Monday, July 23, 2007

Beach 101

If you ever decide to go to the beaches in South Georgia remember these tips:
  1. You can never pack too much food...or towels.
  2. There is an Interstate 16 and a Highway 16. Take the interstate unless you want a really long scenic detour.
  3. When laying out, occasionally take your sunglasses off. Looking like a raccoon is not in style.
  4. Bring lots and lots and lots of quarters for the parking meters. A nickel will only get you 3 minutes.
  5. The Atlantic Ocean tastes very, very salty.
  6. The beach house "shower(s)" consist of a single pipe hanging down from a concrete wall that sprays water colder than the Pacific Ocean...
  7. pipe for all the beach bums equals a long line.
  8. Don't stand down wind of any person shaking the sand off their towels.
  9. Sunscreen should not be under estimated.
  10. If your siblings get bored, it is not a good idea to lie down on the sand even for a minute.
Shelly Belly ~ who will later find sand in places she didn't know sand could hide.

The culprits: Faisal, Johnny, ...

...and one used-to-be-really-white-but-now-sunburned Charika.


Kassie said...

How fun! It looks like y'all had a good time. What beach did you go to?

charlottalove said...

Tybee Island near Savannah. It was a blast! I hurt r.e.a.l. bad though now. :o(

Saule Cogneur said...

Oh yes, the yearly sunburn. For me it's the worst part of summer, and yet it's usually the best because you acquire it doing something fun.

Em said...

The beaches in Connecticut are not quite the same. Yes, we do have beaches. The water is almost always COLD! But the sun is still hot enough to give you a serious burn. And there are no parking meters - just parking lots that cost a million dollars for a day pass.

Patience said...

Wow!! Now I know everything!! said...

I would love to see a picture of your raccoon face!!!

Craig D said...

Parking meters?

At the Beach?


Bone said...

Nice pics. I love the beach! I've never understood the allure of being buried in sand though.

Also, don't shake off your towel towards the ocean. Trust me, you don't do that more than twice.

Clairissa said...

what beach is this?? I have yet to check out any ga beaches. And you are right...the Atlanta Ocean IS SO SALTY (as I discovered yesterday when a wave took me out and salt burned my throat...) :)