Monday, July 2, 2007


So I'm gone for a week.

Before you get excited and wish me a happy holiday, let me tell you what I'm doing. I'll be vacationing as a counselor at a youth camp. One week of no sleep, cafeteria food, and chaperoning hormone-charged teens isn't a typical vacation. The youth will all be at least a decade younger than me. This is fine unless someone brings pop culture into the conversation. I'm sure I'll come back with, like, a totally new vocabulary and I'll know, like, way awesome cool stuff about the world. I'm gonna learn things like:

* Justin Timberlake is not single anymore? What!? and I was hoping for a chance.
* Mary Kate and Ashley are sooooo hot right now. Like Totally!
* Mandy Moore is on tour? Oh wow...that's awesome.

And I'm sure I'll be able to relate to the girls in so many ways.

* Oh my gosh - I hate pimples too. I had, like, a huge one but then it, like, totally, like disappeared. It must be like the magic from Harry Potter. Totally like that.
* You wear size 4? No way! Me TOO! Oh pants? I was talking ring sizes for my pinky finger...never mind.
* I know! - work is so lame. Yeah, I hate those part-time jobs at the local pool too!

In all honesty though, I'm looking forward to it. I wouldn't have applied otherwise. Since I'll be, like, totally not by the computer, you will, like, have to go to some of my, like, favorite archives.

Such as my very first post ever, and why I shouldn't shop alone, as well as my new year's resolution, or the COWs in my life.

So Party on Wayne...oh wait, that's what was said when I was in high school. What do kids say now-a-days? Is "chill out" acceptable?


I'll let you know in a week.


Kassie said...

Good luck with that. I think if they aren't your own you are less likely to strangle them, right? I couldn't handle them all the time, which is why I never actually went to work in our major... you are much stronger than I!

Saule Cogneur said...

I can't vouch for girls, but there is a universal language with boys. Talk about explosions, pranks, and almost throwing down with people, and you'll be mondo-rad in no time.

I'm Chrissy! said...

Dude, I totally went to girls camp with you and I totally fit in, right? Have fun!

Patience said...

Youth camp. Counselor. My sanity would be gone forever.

But I'm so glad someone is able to do that!

Just not me.

Dorky Dad said...

You should keep a camp diary, then post the whole thing online. Seriously. Camp is full of hilarious posts. I'm looking forward to your return.

Bone said...

Yeah, everyone always has a "One time at youth camp..." story, right? Or is it "What happens at youth camp stays at youth camp?"

Either way, hope you have a fabulous week.

Staci said...

Oh my goodness Char- I love your recent blog entries. You're making me laugh over here and I'm very entertained. I'm ready to hear what the new phrase is and how it all goes. lol I especially like the size 4 comment. ;)

Shankar said...

EFY? Some people have all the luck.