Wednesday, January 2, 2008

During 2008, I Resolve to...

Okay, so last year's goal didn't happen. This year my goals will only involve me - which means I can't share the blame if I don't succeed. In 2008, I hope to:

  • Travel to New York.
  • Write my 200th blog post.
  • Learn the ins and outs of my camera.
  • Find a new job; one that is satisfying, self sustaining, and purposeful.
  • Train and compete for my 2nd triathlon.
Here's to 2008! What are some of your goals?


Beth said...

Hey, those sound very doable.
As for my goals? There's only the one and it involves chocolate - it's coming along quite nicely.

Craze said...

Great resolutions and ones that seem very attainable. I really haven't put much thought into it yet.. I should.

Bonny said...

hey - I was looking at the blog of a friend of a friend and you had left a comment there! Weirdest thing! It was the Mitchell's. I dont' actually know them but my friends the Flynns do. was crazy.

RED MOJO said...

I resolve to enjoy my life this year to the fullest. Put myself out there more, do more, be me more. I want to provide more opportunities for life to give me what I want. I'm also very serious about cutting down on my use of the f-word in a non-romantic way before breakfast.

Bone said...

Happy New Year, Charlotta :)

I want to visit New York again, too. I didn't make it a resolution though. I wonder if that makes it less likely to happen.

Diesel said...

It would be great if I could finish something this year. Like my house, or my master's degree, or my novel.

Or maybe just this can of Coke.

Happy New Year!

charlotta-love said...

Beth: I have one that involves chocolate as well. Dark chocolate: it's healthy!

Craze: I used to do the crazy huge goals but never acheived any. Keeping the list doable keeps it fun.

Bonny: I love blogs for that reason. The blogging world is so small yet infinite.

Mojo: lol, good luck on your last goal. :o)

Bone: If you were me, YES. Anyone else, probably not.

Diesel: Finish your dang comment already!

laura said...

Wow...good for you. That triathalon goal will never appear on my list.

bec said...

that's really too bad about last year. I don't think you had enough focus. This year my goal is to learn how to be a mom.

Saule Cogneur said...

My only goal is to graduate.

That sounds like a great goal until I remember that I have to do it yet one more time.

Shankar said...

I have one goal this year, and it's one that I can still keep as long as I only fracture it: Don't complain. That's it. Whatever happens, no complaining. Two months in, I've only had one occasion to break it (when I realised I had only 36 hours to move), but other one rather forceful statement, I did pretty well.