Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Silver Lining

In recent conversations with friends, I have sarcastically mentioned lining windows with tinfoil. No one knew what I meant.

"Tinfoil? On windows?" "Who does that?" "I've never seen that - are you making this up?"

Absolutely not! Growing up I saw people use tinfoil in place of curtains on many a window. The trend exponentially increased within trailer home parks. I thought it was tacky and called it white-trash. After I informed my friends what a tinfoil window consisted of, I added that public mocking would occur if anyone I knew actually 'insulated' with Reynolds Wrap.

I was online one afternoon and a friend started im'ing me. The chat box blinked.
"You can make fun of me now."
"I was studying this morning by the window and I got I tried your suggestion and taped up some tinfoil."
"You WHAT?! That wasn't a suggestion but rather something NEVER to do. Why didn't you just turn up the heat? ...oh, and does it work?"
"It works really well. I'm toasty now."
"And totally white trash!"

I decided to pick up an extra item that afternoon while grocery shopping. I saw my friend - who now will be known as Mr. Reynolds - later that evening. "Hey, I stopped by a fabric store today on my way home. I know - random - anyway, I saw a pattern I think you will like and picked it up for you. Here you go." It's been said that every rain cloud has a silver lining. In Mr. Reynolds' case, so does his window.

I just love what you've done with the place!


Amber said...

Charlotte, I just have to say that I love your blog. It's so fun to read! Many people have told me to read it and now I know why. Thanks for brightening up my day!

Have you ever thought of becoming a writer or newspaper columnist? I think you'd be great at it!

(btw, it's Amber Robbins in case you're wondering which Amber.)

RED MOJO said...

Very White-trashy. Is that what he was going for? Wow, and I was bemoaning the fact the I keep my drapes shut in my bedroom during the winter because it stays warmer in there that way!

The Dally Llama said...

Go ahead and make fun of putting stupid things in your windows. Living in a warm climate affords you that luxury. In colder areas, window plastic (different than aluminum, and decidedly less trashy looking, but still kind of goofy) can cut your heating bill* down in a huge way.

*Heating bill is an invoice that a company sends you so you can pay them for the cost of the energy you've consumed keeping your home warm. Just thought I'd explain in case you've forgotten, not having lived in cold areas for quite a while now.

Shankar said...

Ok, so how does a conductor of heat act as an insulator? Really, how does that work?! I've even looked it up on Wikipedia, and I still don't get it. There's got to be more to it.

Beth said...

White trash but warm!
Guess it works in the reverse during the hot summer months.

Craze said...

LOL!! They do that a lot in these parts. Especially the older homes with single pane glass windows.

charlotta-love said...

Hi Amber. Thanks for stopping by. Did my mom tell you about my blog? She seems to be my biggest fan. :o)

Mojo: Yes, he was going for overkill.

Llama: If you recall, I lived in Utah for 8 years and never once used tinfoil.

Shankar: I guess it's like a thermos. Keeps hot stuff hot and cold food cold. I don't know...I'm a recreation management major!

Beth: Plus you can use any leftover "fabric" to cook burritos.

Craze: Idaho is much colder than Texas (where I grew up). It makes more sense to use tinfoil - I guess - in Idaho.

Craig D said...

I seem to recall that "Rock Stars" would have tin foil taped up to their hotel room windows to block out the sun.

This is to say, "You RAWK!"

The Mama Bear said...

Okay need more it :)
Great tip, great blog.

Paul and Sarah said...

Thank you Thank you Thank you for this post!!

Travis Butterfield said...

Interesting. I never heard of people using aluminum foil for cold weather - but tons of people use it here to keep the heat out during the summer. I never tried it, but apparently it works really well.

Michelle Johnson said...

what a wonderful post. my great aunt mary always placed plastic wrap around her windows in the winter to save on the heat bill. it worked too. i had never heard of reynolds wrap being used though. i'm with you, turn up the heat.

your 3WW post was a good one as usual. have a nice night.

Richard said...

In those long ago mid-sixties my friend Sonja lined her apartment walls with aluminum foil. May I say, "very trippy." LOL

Em said...

I love it! I want to do it just cause I can imagine how it will look to the neighbors! LOL

Bone said...

I think I'll suggest that to my neighbors. It'll go well with the solar lantern dog they have sitting out front.