Friday, January 11, 2008

The Second Mouse

Red Mojo over at Half a Bubble Off was nice enough to give me the "You Make My Day" award. Although she awarded me last week, I am just now getting around to picking it up. Procrastination? Nah, I prefer to think it's just my style of timing. The saying goes "The early bird gets the worm" but remember, the second mouse gets the cheese.

During my junior year of college, I was required to purchase a ZIP disc for a class. (Remember those?) I walked to the bookstore on a short class break to check availability. I found an entire shelf priced at $12 each. Although I had my checkbook with me, I couldn't bear to spend another dollar that day. It was the first week of school and I'd already spend several hundred dollars on books and supplies. The thought of dishing out another $12 just depressed me. I decided to wait until the following week to purchase the disc. I didn't have a job - this decision was not based on a paycheck. I just wanted to spread my spending out into another week and psychologically convince myself I was still in control of my quickly vanishing funds. As planned, I returned on Monday to dish out more money and found - to my utter excitement - that the discs were on sale for $7 each! Procrastination? Nope...perfect timing!

So Red Mojo, it wasn't that I was "procrastinating" or "not stopping by" - I was just waiting for perfect timing...which happened to be today. Thanks Red Mojo for Making My (fri)Day!

Now I get to award fellow bloggers that Make My Day. Here they are in no particular order:
Bone ~ the Jerry Seinfeld of bloggers. He usually writes about nothing but nothing is hilarious.
Kadi ~ how a mother of seven finds time to blog is beyond me. And she's funny? I'm there.
Ree ~ the rancher wife and mother of four that has me laughing on a daily basis.

I'm off to something.


RED MOJO said...

Your excellent timing, like your humor, is a gift indeed. I will check out your awardees. Congratulations on your prestigious award!

Kadi Prescott said...

I'm honored to receive such a token of your lack of disgust for my blogging! Most are immediately repulsed by the recurring themes of poop and barf! I will definitely print it out and hang it on my cork board! ~Kadi

Michelle Johnson said...

What a wonderful post. Bone is certainly very deserving of this award as he knows how to entertain, just as you do. I wanted to say your 3WW was very good. I always enjoy stopping by here. Thanks for sharing your life and times with us. Have a nice weekend.

Mighty Whitey said...

another way to look at it is that the early worm gets eaten.

Bone said...

Oh, I thought you said REward.

I have a perfect timing story for you. I ran out of clean underwear the other day. (I know, I know, stay with me.) Fortunately, I had a gift bag sitting in the computer room from Christmas 2006 with some new underwear in it. Booyah!

Thanks for the award :)

david mcmahon said...

G'day from Australia,

I do like the distinction you make between procrastination and perfect timing!

Diesel said...

Congrats, Charlotta!

Jocelyn said...

Second mouse. Perfect!

I can't wait to check out these other blogs you list, too.

In my own sweet time, of course, as a second mouse myself.

Shankar said...

Good things come to those who wait...except when it comes to technology. Because there, good things come to those who wait and wait and wait and wait....And even then, what you buy will be obsolete by the time you open the box.