Monday, March 12, 2007

Swim-Cas Sunday

Here's a blog and some background info on two of my friends: Hitoshi and John.

Hitoshi happens to be my favorite Japanese person in the whole wide world. Interestingly enough, he earned that nickname about a minute after he said I was the prettiest of all the females in my family. Just a coincidence really... John's initials are JF. One day I slipped up and called him JFK. Since then, that's his name. I met both of these guys at church. Awhile back, JFK called to see if I could join him and My-Favorite-Japanese-Person-Ever for a night out. I agreed and asked what to wear. My-Favorite-Japanese-Person-Ever quickly said, "Your bathing suit." Since then, a personal joke was born and the topic of bathing suits comes up frequently.

Now, today's story starts on Saturday. JFK called me during a GRE study session to see if I wanted to come to a BBQ dinner at a mutual friend's home. Although I wasn't able to join them, we talked for a bit about life and how we were doing. After I was put on speaker phone, I mentioned I hadn't seen JFK or My-Favorite-Japanese-Person-Ever at church lately. They each had their excuse and then I spoke without thinking.

"I'll wear my bathing suit under my dress if you come to church this Sunday."
"Are you serious?"
"Why don't you come and find out."

My-Favorite-Japanese-Person-Ever can tell you I'm a woman of my word. I was at church - tankini and all.

In other news, I think I understand what a girdle feels like.


I'm Chrissy! said...

That is a terrific story! I love it!

Anonymous said...

Silly boys. No excuses!!

Rachel and her Brasileiros said...

Charlotte... you are awesome that you are such a dork and true to your word. haha too funny... that must have been really uncomfortable with all those layers.

Kassie said...

Why is it when I was 14 a girdle was a necessity? and now after 2 kids I couldn't care less about a girdle and only dream of the hips I had when I was 14. Love that you actually wore top and bottoms... I would have cheated and only worn the top. :)

Shankar said...

Definite belly laugh.