Monday, March 26, 2007

Just say when

I'm not sure when it started - an innocent game of Slug Bug while driving on vacation, a magazine advertisement, a parade - it could have been any of the above. I do know that I have a strange liking to miniature Volks Wagon Beetles. Some might call it an obsession but I prefer to say it's a extreme hobby.

Here is my first bug ever. I was browsing through an antique shop one day in Paris and picked it up. Ah, I never tire of telling people I was in Paris. I was. Paris Texas. Anyway, if you flip it over, you can see it was probably an assigment for some art class. It's inscribed "Sewell '78". Sewell, you don't know what you started.

My bestest-friend Elke gave me another yellow bug for my senior graduation. Add this to the two I already had and I was off to a small collection.
Then in college some roommates found out about the collection and surprised me at Christmas with new additions.

Coworkers also added to the collection.

Even friends from church contributed.

And a boyfriend at the time.

Is there a line between a collection and an obsession?

I think I might be close.

Or perhaps already crossed it.

Somebody, anybody say when.



Rachel and her Brasileiros said...

I remember sometime during my first year at school I was introduced to that one park by 500 west I think or somewhere downish town.... well anyways I was introduced to it by you at some VW Bug convention or something... That was when I learned of the true obsession you possessed... or that possessed you... hehe

charlottalove said...

Rachel, Is that really the first time we met? That day was Heaven to me. Volks Wagon Beetle Day at Pioneer Park...blessed day!

I'm Chrissy! said...

That is a cool collection. I love the last one--it's so tiny!

Jason said...

Oh yeah, well my first car was a bug. So there :P

Rachel and her Brasileiros said...

Nonono i meant I was introduced to the park by you... er... you introduced me to that park. no my dear, we had met long before. well not that long, but pretty long. I'm having trouble communicating today.

Maize Hutton said...

HA! You're too funny!!!

dean said...

why is the one i gave you with the rodeo and the vw not shown? that quite possibly is your best one.

Shankar said...

Ah, this would explain the "Slug Bug Yellow" on that other social networking site we use. I did think it was a bit too Georgia Tech-ish for someone with aspirations to UGa.