Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

I have a car again. I haven't had one since last Monday. 8 days! I somehow made it through 5 years of college, that's right - I took the scenic route through 3 different majors before committing, without a car but this past week-and-a-day has been very difficult to manage.

A while back, and by "back" I'm talking the year 2006 still, my car started to shift really hard. I hoped it was just a phase my car was going through. Maybe she'd grow out of it. But then in February I realized this obviously was not something I could fix on my own by turning up the radio.
You know you've done that too and hoped it would work... I took my car into Honda for a "used-car inspection" and they were done in a mere 90 minutes. Honda thinks you are test-driving a vehicle to buy so they tell you what repairs to expect if you do decide to purchase. I knew I was in for it when the guy lowered his head, grimaced, and took a long, audible breath.

"You looking to buy this car?"
Actually it's mine but I'm thinking of selling.
"Well, I was going to tell you not to buy it. The transmission's slipping. You noticed the hard shifting?"
Yes...*ahem* just recently though.
"Yeah, it's bad. Oh yeah. And that'll be $90."

A second opinion confirmed the sad state of my transmission. I got three different quotes and went with the lowest. I dropped my car off last Monday morning and was told it would be 3 days at the latest. So Wednesday I call.

"Thank you for calling Wernham Hogg.
This is Amy. May I help you?"
Uh yeah, I was checking on the status of my car. It should be done today.
"Warren is out right now working on some cars but I'll have him call you a.s.a.p."

No call.

"Thank you for calling Wernham Hogg.
This is Amy. May I help you?"
Yes, I called yesterday about my car. Do you know the status?
"Ma'am, let me get your number and I'll have Warren call you when he gets a chance."

No call. My dad and I dropped by to see if I could pick it up. Warren was surprised to see me walk in and told me he was waiting for a part. He might finish on Friday but would be done Monday at the latest.

"Thank you for calling Wernham Hogg.
This is Amy. May I help you?"
Yeah, um, I was wondering if I was going to get my car today. Warren said it might be done.
"Ma'am, Warren is out on a test run but let me get your number again and I'll have him call you."

No call.

Monday it was a guy who answered. "Wernham Hogg. Can I help you?"
I'm trying to find out when my car will be done.
Everyone is at lunch but I'll have Warren call you.

Warren called to say it would be Tuesday.

Yesterday Warren called to tell me my car was finished and I could pick it up. I read the warranty, signed my life savings over, and got my key. As I was getting into my car, Warren walked over and casually asked, "Do you know anyone who's looking for a job?"
Uh, probably. Why?
Well, don't know if you noticed or not but I haven't been getting my messages, and, well, I'm looking for a new secretary.

Hmm, actually I did notice you never called me. And your 3 days turned into 8. And you spelled my name Charlott. *sigh


Dean said...

why don't you post a pic of the car girlfriend

Anonymous said...

holy cow. that's insanity. at least he's getting a new secretary! best of luck with your wheels.