Friday, March 23, 2007

My poor (future) children

I found a list of names I like for my future children. The list includes serious entries such as Chandler, Hunter, Ally, Darby, Chloe and Carter but then digresses to my "Nature Names".

For the boys:

For the girls:

As you see, my future children need a good father. One who will not grant me full naming privileges. Of course, my children are doomed if I marry someone like my coworker. His last name is "Day" and he is thinking of naming his children "Sonny", "Avery", or "Bid"...for you French speakers.

I just had another thought as I looked at that list. 11 names?! What am I thinking?


J said...

Whatever you do, don't name your kid Rocky unless you want everyone thinking of Sylvester Stalone evertime they say his name or see him! It's amazing how your name list changes when you are actually faced with having to name a child.

Anonymous said...

bid day. *snicker*

my favorite story about names is once my grandfather was looking through an old phone directory for myton, utah. (it's really thin.) he started to laugh hysterically. he'd come across a woman whose name was fanny felter. but in the phone book it's 'felter, fanny.' that was my grandpa's sense of humor. turns out my grandma's family knew the woman when she was alive, and it never occured to them!

charlotte said...

I like your nature names. Our daughters have botanical names (Lily, Daisy) and we spent some time trying to think of a suitable botanical name for a boy when we knew we were expecting a son. We went through Herb, Basil, Oak, Cactus and then gave up. We named him Oliver after my father, only realising afterward that he is of course our little Olive tree.

laura said...

Hey Charlotte!

It's funny because I have a brother named Carter and his daughter is named Chloe. But you're welcome to either or both of those names.

My list of names has evolved over the years. The list changes, as does how many kids I really think I'll end up having. I'm thinking one of each will be enough, although it's a shame to waste some perfectly good names.

bec said...

One late night my sister and I decided since our future kids will be cousins we want them to be best friends. We decided the best way to make sure that would happen it to give them names that rhyme with each other. So we made a list of 20 names or so like Haley and Bailey, Jorden and Corden. She just needs a husband now so we can put our plan into action.

charlottalove said...

My parents have some friends in their church who named their son Sage.

Becca, what the hecka! Your children/neices/nephews will hate you!

Mama Mia said...

To the other Charlotte,

Your names for your children are precious. My grandmother's name was "Lily Rose", and Charlotte has mentioned our friends with a son named "Sage". Charlotte also has a co-worker who named her son "Forest"... so there are some additional ideas should you ever be blessed with another son.

Shankar said...

Remember when George Costanza tried to convince someone that "Seven" would be a great name for a child?!

True story: yesterday at work I got a phone call from a woman whose last name is Easy. Oh the possibilities - and none of them in good taste.

Anonymous said...

Dear Charlotta:

Dale is an awesome name for a young man. Even better as a middle name.


Scott Dale Robison