Friday, March 21, 2008

I've been Googled

"Mammogrammed Jewelry"

Someone typed that phrase into a search engine and wound up on my blog. Mammogrammed Jewelry, huh. As in bracelets? How does the sizing work? Hypothetically speaking, say I have petite wrists. ...just pretend okay. So, should I order the "Almost A" or "Barely B"? What about guys? Is this jewelry only for women? Will $1 of all bracelet proceeds go to support Breast Cancer Research? And where does one buy this jewelry? Sooo many questions.

Goodness, a post about bras and now mammogrammed jewelry. I'd say this blog just hit a new low.

...and no, mammogrammed is not a word. I'm just reported the word as it came to me.


RED MOJO said...

Well, now that you've made it the title of a post, everyone looking for mammogrammed jewlery is going to end up at your blog. I am long overdue to take my jewlery in for a mammagram, I hope it's alright!

Brett said...

there are worse things that could be typed in gooogle and cause your blog to be accessed.

Shankar said...

At the moment, you've just reinforced the search, because the first hit for "Mammogrammed Jewelry" is your post about "Mammogrammed Jewelry". What beats me is what mammogrammed jewelry is in the first place. Is it some special jewelry women wear when having mammograms done?

Dean said...

How do you find out this sort of thing? And why... why must I put that word verification in EVERY SINGLE time - I don't understand how anyone blogs if they have to do that everytime you want to leave a comment.

the MuLLinS said...

Kind of like Thatcher's Mammogrammed clothes you tried teasing us about??? Hahhahahaa.

Jake said...

That is really weird. Sorry to hear about that speeding ticket, too. Hope you had a good Easter.
Have you seen Alvin and the Chipmunks yet?