Monday, March 3, 2008

3rd Time's the Charm

I love pickup lines. I'm not sure when, where, or how I developed this bond with cheesy sayings but I enjoy any chance to learn or use these silly lines. Johnny-Cherie came home the other night and shared a new pick up line with me. I laughed and decided to try the saying on some friends.

The next day I was online chatting and, although pickup lines don't even work in person, I decided to try some virtual flirting with Scottie-the-Hottie.

Me: Scott, do you have a raisin?
STH: Yes
Me: ...wrong answer.
STH: I don't like raisins...?
Me: Do you actually have raisins with you at this exact moment?
STH: As part of a larger food product, yes.
Me: You have grapes?
STH: No, I have a granola bar with raisins. This is a really long pick up line sequence.
Me: Never mind.

Later, I tried the same line on another friend and got similar results.

Me: Friend, do you have a raisin?
Friend yet to receive a blog nickname: Yes I do.
Me: hmm...that's the wrong answer.
Nameless friend: Ok. No, I don't.
Me: *sigh

I tried the line for the third time with Mr. Reynolds.

Me: Mr. Reynolds, do you have a raisin?
Tinfoil Guy: Not anywhere near me.
Me: Oh about a date?

I learned a valuable lesson with pickup lines: They don't work via online chat. Pickup lines don't work in person...but we already knew that.


Brett said...

It smells like updawg in here...

Shankar said...

So, let's get this straight: pickup lines work with tinfoil? Or is it that you made your third attempt on Friday, February 29th? That's Sadie Hawkins Day in some places, a day on which the girl is allowed to do the asking, thereby practically guaranteeing your success.

PS: Who is this friend who shall remain nameless, Lord Voldemort?

charlotta-love said...

Brett: What's updawg?

Shankar: I think I just got lucky on my 3rd attempt. As for the friend, Lord Voldemort won't work...he's more of an Indian(na) Jones.

Craze said...

That is hilarious!

Bone said...

I think sometimes using a horrible pick up line to break the ice can be good. Such as, "What's your sign?" or "Come here often?"


I mean, to me those are much better than, "Are you on Facebook?"

RED MOJO said...

Pick up're funny.

charlotta-love said...

Craze: try the line on a friend. I guarantee laughter!

Bone: Are you on facebook? LOL Never tried that one but I might.

Mojo: pick up lines make me happy. :o)

meblog said...

OMG i liked that!! i'm gonna use it on someone... i could only imagine Mr. Reynolds face when he heard that. now who should i use this on... hmm...