Friday, April 13, 2007

Gnarly Gnails

In case you are just tuning in - and if so, welcome to the site - I lost a bet. It was just three games of dominoes. What harm is there in that? So I anteed up and risked a little self dignity. If I won, my buddy had to bleach his beard. If I lost, I had to live my Sunday out with ridiculously long nails.

I was very shy about the whole ordeal while at church. Friends would come to shake and as soon as my hand extended, a quizzical expression replaced their smiles while they questioned my new "accessories". The reactions amused me:

"Oh! Um, when did you get those?"
This morning. I lost a bet.
*Sighing* "Oh that's good. You don't seem like one of those girls."

"Um wow. Those are new."
Yeah, I lost a bet.
*Laughing* "Okay, that's funny."

At home it was a different story though. I made some enchiladas for dinner. Let me rephrase that. I tried to make enchiladas for dinner. I had to have help opening the cheese. I couldn't roll the tortillas without splitting open the shell. I had a hard time shredding the chicken. I had to ask for help getting the dish in and out of the oven. (Did you know it's hard to put on an oven mitt when your fingers extend an extra inch?) And don't even talk to me about pushing the buttons on the stove. I had to use my knuckles.

Julia Gulia was sitting on the couch examining an easter decoration with one of our mutual friends. The bunny has long ears, a bushy tail, and long legs. ...but no arms. Our friend turned to JG and said, "What do Charlotte and this bunny have in common?" I don't know. What? "They are both helpless!"

Hey! You better watch out or I'll come poke your eye out!

I'm sure I'm not the only one to lose a bet. Any crazy wagers you care to admit? Or know of a bet someone else lost?


I'm Chrissy! said...

Thanks for the photos of your claws! But I have to admit, you shoulda painted them RED. Next time maybe.

charlottalove said...

Next time? There will be no next time. lol. I thought about painting them, and even got the finger polish out. Honestly though, it was so difficult getting them ON that I didn't even want to paint them.
Julia and I drove to church and I literally had to have her turn the car off since I my nails were getting in the way. I couldn't carry doors...put my hair in a pony tail...etc. I totally didn't trust myself with a little bottle of red polish! :o)

John said...

And who was it that you lost that bet to? And when are you going to be dying your hair red?

Anonymous said...

a guy in one of my history classes lost a bet. another friend bet him that he wouldn't be able to finish writing a major paper for our world wars class without playing the newly-released halo 2. he couldn't. so he had to go a full day wearing a child's costume from the disney movie monsters, inc. that was so small it only draped from his head. that was amusing.

Dorky Dad said...

If I had long nails like that, I'd want them retractable, and really sharp. Then I'd be able to peel my orange without making my fingernails feel odd.

patrick said...

I like your blog

Charlotte said...

I don't have any betting stories to relate, but you do look seriously depressed with those talons on. They are just not making you happy.

Shankar said...

Hey, how did you get your head to fall off your shoulders? That's a neat trick. You ought to teach it to Nearly Headless Nick over at Hogwarts.