Monday, April 23, 2007

The generation gap

Last night Johnny-Cherie plopped down on my bed and informed me she needed my assistance. She'd been given a creative writing assignment and concluded I would be a valuble resource since I'm known to write the occasional poem or song. She related the requirements to me. Although there was no minimum length, the rhyming scheme had to follow one of the following patterns: ABAB, ABAC-ABAC, or ABA-ABA.

I asked, "What about ACDC?"

She looked at me and said, "That's not a rhyme."

"Um, Yeah. I know. That's the name of a band."


Bloggers, the generation gap just got a little wider.
The next letter is K. All the letters are made up of only straight lines.


bec said...

my little nephew has a cute t-shirt that says AB/CD but that slash is a lightening bolt & they made it just like the ACDC logo. I thought that was pretty creative.

Muscles said...

Believe it or not, it was the name of something else, even before the band.

Remember, rock and roll ain't noise pollution!

Anonymous said...

AC/DC is the best for heavy metal karaoke.

I know I was shocked when I found out that some people in my age bracket don't know exactly what vinyl is, or how to use a record player. It's like Austin Powers in reverse. That's so wrong.

Dorky Dad said...

Oh, man. I got it wrong. I stink. I said 'J' because I was basing it on the sequence. Aaa ... it's too hard to explain in a comment.

Thomas said...

While Charlotta knows that AC/DC is a band . . . I can almost guarantee that she never had one of their albums and can't name one of their songs without the help of Google!

I heart you Charlotta!