Monday, April 9, 2007

My GRE(at) friends

I took the GRE last Monday. For those of you lucky enough to not know, the GRE stands for Graduate Record Examinations. Much like particular scores on the SAT or ACT are required for college, the GRE is the entrance exam taken before applying to graduate school. Those who knew I was studying were a fantastic support. Thanks to all of you.

If this were the Grammys, or the GREmmys you might say, I couldn't sit down, or log off, without thanking two specific individuals.

JFK, my partner in crime for April Fools, was a great teacher for the verbal section. He bolstered me as I climbed the vocabulary mountain. JFK's effervescent erudition replaced my plebian parlance with a veritable cornucopia of ornate locution. Although I felt inundated with apprehension, JFK mollified my emotions. I also learned when I am vulnerable, I can be irascible.

And Divine-Devin was my math whiz. He reminded me to FOIL and to Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally. He reminded me how to tell the difference between equilateral, isosceles, or right triangles and how to find the side lengths or angles. He taught me how to compare x and y, define the slope in terms of M, dot my I's and cross my T's. It was great fun to KISS.

Whoa! Did I just read that right? Yes, you did. Of course I can't be serious about anything 100% of the time. "I'm studying" is such a hackneyed expression. I preferred to KISS instead. You know...Knowledge Integration of Study Strategies. What were you thinking? It was great at church to casually see Devin in the hall and ask, "When can you get together to KISS next?" Heads would turn but people were too prude to inquire our dating status. You can imagine, when only a few weeks later, I show up engaged to someone else. You might say I like to stir things up a bit. You might also say I like attention. In fact, the latter is probably truer than I want to admit. Isn't it the middle child that craves attention? If so, I was born three children too early.

Oh. I digress. Back to the GRE. I've taken the first, and possibly the hardest, step towards graduate school. JFK and Devin, I'm just glad you were there to make it easier and to help me not trip. Thanks!

JFK, I didn't get a 1600 but you helped me tremendously. Thanks! ~Charika

Divine Devin~ The kissing sure paid off. Thanks! ~Charika


bec said...

good job Charlotte! One step closer to coming back to UT!

charlottalove said...

Utah...well, um, we'll see. :o)

mlh457 said...

Kudos to the one.
Who KISSed, G.R.Eed, had fun.
Greedy kissing’s fun!

charlottalove said...

Nice Haiku!

Shankar said...

What was your percentile?