Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Nice while it lasted

Well, it's back to being single again. JFK and I just didn't have what it takes to last. *Sigh.

So what does it take to make it last? I'll tell you. Actually, I'll let a younger version of me tell you. Looking through my journal I found a letter to myself. You may think that's silly but the silliest part is it's not my first letter to myself nor the last. It's the best way I have found to make and keep goals. If I write myself a letter to open on a particular date, I not only want to achieve those goals but I get to read a funny note in the end. I have chosen leap year as my goal mark. So...stay tuned next February for those goals! In the meantime, this is a letter I wrote to myself "to be opened on my 25th birthday or when I marry - whichever comes first". So, on my 25th birthday I read:

April 13, 2000

Hey cutie, I love how I addressed myself,
How are you? Fine, thanks. So how much have we improved in this short span? I really hope you are still working on your procrastination problem. Right now I am in the library where I'm supposed to be working on my old testament. I guess some things never change. Nope. I'm writing this blog and should be in bed. I guess I should do this like a new year resolution and just go through different areas. ...ROMANCE: Well, I'm not married yet, but I am well on my way to getting there...Oh really. Do go on. In having 2 flings recently, I learned a lot. I need to be honest with myself and him regarding my feelings. I can't hold out and expect him to do all the work. He should be my best friend, someone I can trust with anything; someone, who even if they laugh at something stupid I do, (or vice versa) that it is out of love and not to offend; a person who can tolerate my imperfections yet at the same time help me to improve. Shoot, if I'm going to be with this person for for-eva, he better be good looking. Either that, or EVERY kiss will be with my eyes shut! You tell it sister! I want someone who respects me and treats me so. A little prank here and there is fine but no demeaning junk. Me? Pranks? I need someone who will walk beside me as we start a family, experience job changes, teenagers, church responsibilities, family deaths, financial problems, whoa girl...stop predicting this stuff, etc.

If I could have any physical trait, (and sorry honey if you don't live up to my 21 year-old futuristic views) and honey, I hope you don't mind that I called you honey even though I don't know who you are, I really like:
Tall - as in 6 ft and higher.
Musical - Love the guitar or piano. VOICE!
Outgoing - Not a social dork! love the description
Outdoorsy - I can't camp by myself.
Clean - I refuse to be a maid.
Funny - Not looking! Come on now.
Sporty - gotta get those muscles somewhere. Wow, and apparently I had no shame in admitting shallowness when it comes to physical traits.
And ready for an adventure.
Above all, religious.

Hon, I'm back to calling myself hon now, keep up the great work. Yes ma'am. Love Charlotte.

So there you have it. You heard it from me. Kinda. Several years ago. But now. uhhh never-mind...


I'm Chrissy! said...

I love it! That is so awesome! I love the list of qualities that your man must have. That's a great list. Nothing wrong with wanting someone that's not a blob.

charlottalove said...

Oh! Maybe I should add: likes to blog. :o)

Jason said...

I came across a letter that I wrote myself after my mission, or during.. I'm not sure since I didn't open it up. I put it back where I found it, and thought... "Not going to do it." I didn't want to disapoint the old... er new... er old me.

Thomas said...

I remember sitting across from a 21 year-old Charlotte in the Library while she "studied" the Old Testament. She kept looking up and giggling. Now I know that she was describing me in a letter to herself.

That is just plain old CUTE.

bec said...

you are too funny.

I remember writing a letter to myself when I was in YW. I have no idea what happened to it, but I really hope it shows up in a box someday because I bet it would be hilarious

mlh457 said...

Bolstered by that “never mind”,
I think I want to self refine.

But 6 feet tall just isn’t fair,
Unless you’ll settle for 2 inch hair.

Comical then, you’ll say I look,
But I will counter with gobbledygook.

To make you laugh and confirm,
Funny looking is a relative term.

For social and bubbly and not a dork,
Simply shake me up and pop the cork.

We’ll adventure and end up in the pokey,
For singing too much of that karaoke.

With you I would camp and be outdoors,
Then let you rest, as I do some chores.

Push-ups for sport, with you on my back,
So the muscles you want you never will lack

And as for religion, I’ll be pious devout,
To fill the voids of spiritual drought.

Sundays we won’t ever miss church,
And daily we will scriptures research.

Now all of this can be yours and mine,
With heart, and hope, and help divine.

I'm Chrissy! said...

GREAT poem! I enjoyed it!