Sunday, April 1, 2007

It's Official Today!

Today I am officially engaged!
The official picture of me and JFK.

The official ring. Isn't it just...something!

JFK, in the garden of life, you are my pansy; the oil spot in my driveway; the mushed banana in my bread.

The wedding is planned exactly one year from today. I've picked out a reception hall with leopard print wall paper and lace chairs...the classiest around. Don't forget the date 4.01.08 - can I put you down as a yes?


Staci said...

APril FOOLS. I remember you doing that in college-

Anonymous said...

haha! i did the same thing except on facebook. people who should have known better fell for it.

John said...

Does my head always look that big and juicy? It is hard to be so beautiful.

Thomas said...

That is a good April Fools Joke. You are such a funny broad!

I'm Chrissy! said...

Oooh, the ring is shparkley! Doesn't look a bit fake. At all.

mlh457 said...

You almost had me, I’ll admit,
Fooled, to think this was legit.

Engaged and I have lost my chance?
To play with you the game romance?

Just let me tell you I’ve for a while,
Read your blog and donned a smile.

Because I wish to be your c.o.w.,
As often as time will allow

Or just admire from a distance,
Your thoughts, ideas, and mere existence.

I hope before your marriage decision,
Our paths have crossed and had a collision.

Anonymous said...

Great news, we'll make plans to have a garden reception. Can this guy rake leaves?

charlottalove said...

Staci, yes, my best prank ever!

Amanda, Congrats go to you as well then!!!

John, um, yes, your head is big.

Thomas, you watch too many Humphrey Bogart movies if you still are using the word Broad.

Chrissy, It's Mama Mia's ghetto fake ring. I cringed everytime I showed someone because I just knew they knew it was ugly and I had to play along like it was the best peice of jewelry I've ever owned. lol. that you Jason? My yard raking friend? Or is that dad hinting at me to rake the back yard?

charlottalove said...

Mr. M ~ hello and welcome to the site.
Comments from a stranger are always a delight.

I really enjoyed your well composed post.
The effort you made was a bit more than most.

The poems I write are really quite cheesy.
(Cus they’re fun and the writing’s easy)

But thanks again for stopping by.
To all of my readers, hello and hi!

Clairissa said...

Hey! Charlotte from Freshman Year BYU! Holy cow! How have you been, girl!! It's Clairissa (Pett) xoxo

Kassie said...

HAHAHA! I love that you actually wore the ring around and told people... not just in blogworld. :)

Clairissa said...

Hey girl! Good to run into you after all this time! I have two kiddos, a boy and a girl. Rocco is 3 and Avery is 17 months. My husband and I have moved around a lot for his job, but we are here in Atlanta (Suwanee/Sugar Hill area) as of this past summer. You are only about an hour from us...crazy! We should get together sometime!!

Kelly said...

You freaked me out for about two point five milliseconds. Charlotte, you are awesome!

Shankar said...

"...the oilspot in my driveway..." Fantastic turn of phrase. I must remember to use that sometime.

Dean said...

Yeah that sounds real... like Snoop joining the church. Did you see that one?