Friday, April 6, 2007

A Poem

To one of my readers,
Yes, you with the rhyme,
I had lots of questions
From others this time.

On the phone I was asked,
"Do you know him? A friend?
And at home "Who's the poet?"
The questions won't end.

To those of you wondering,
The blogger's a guy
That too lives in Georgia.
In fact, pretty close by.

We've never met
But we've spoken before.
He dropped an e-message
Saying "Your blog's not a bore."

So MLH thanks again
For your poems of thought
They are enjoyed, I assure you,
By all quite a lot.

Now to everyone else,
I've got some fun news.
Some charlotta-humor
That I can't refuse.

Last night I played Dom'noes
And wagered a bet.
Thinking I'd win,
There was nothing to fret.

The best out of three.
Score: Me-1, 1-He.
The final round's loser,
Alas, it was me.

This Sunday's the day
When to church I must come,
With super long nails
On each finger and thumb.

One thing I know
Is the contacts go first.
Cus poking my eye
Is "scenario worst!"


I'm Chrissy! said...

Take pictures. Great poem.

Jason said...

I think you should just put the long nail on your pinky fingers. That way when someone asks why you did it, you can just say "It makes it easier to snort crack." That should be better than the sin of gambling... or not.

Rachel and her Brasileiros said...

i'm truly impressed with your poet abilities.

mlh457 said...

I clarify so there is no confusion:
"We've spoken before" might give the allusion,

That between us was a vocal exchange,
Or utterance within an audible range.

When actually writing was the form of our word,
And if perhaps spoken, then surely not heard.

Unless our own spirits do us overwhelm,
With things that have happened in premortal realm.

Now besides this concern I have with your post,
I was with the rest of it fully engrossed.

A question I have re: vision correction:
Are the lenses for real, or just your reflection?

To change your eye color, that is to say,
For I'd say they look good any day.

But if like me, you have an error refractive,
We might find each other, all more attractive.

In your situation, with the wager you've lost,
Consider the bright side, and again weigh the cost.

For though you must cautiously now pick your nose,
And be careful when dressing, to not run your hose,

A memory you'll have to tell when you're old,
Yes, all will adore you, for being so bold.

So thanks be to you, for giving to me,
Something to laugh at, and find therapy,

In writing response to Charlotta Humor,
And giving your friends, a reason to rumor.

Thomas said...

You are really weird!
All poems are hard to write.
Why not choose haiku?

Anonymous said...

Charlotta & MLH...
You both obviously have a great talent. Thanks for the fun poems.