Monday, April 16, 2007

I'm gonna be rich someday

I recently went on a weekend camping trip. And when I say camping, I mean a cabin fully loaded with beds, sheets, a real wood burning stove, a kitchen with all the amenities, and a clean bathroom with towels and little soaps in the corner. Oh man, I love camping! Well, I got up on Saturday morning to the smell of bacon, sausage, biscuits, eggs, and orange juice. Did I mention I love camping with boys that know how to cook? I do. Anyway, I stumbled into the kitchen and greeted a few of my fellow campers. After a tired response from one of the guys, he came over and pinched me.

Um, excuse me...what was that for?
"Today is St. Patrick's day. I don't see you wearing anything green."

In my hasty packing job, I neglected to pack any green items to ward off pinchers. Not wanting to end the day with a bruised arm, I decided to make a quick stop at a little gift shop. In some obscure corner, I found this hemp bracelet with a green butterfly. It's not just any bracelet though. It was among several others each with a different color trinket weaved onto the hemp. After purchased, you tie it around your wrist or ankle and wait. Wait for it to fall apart. Or break off. The color represents the value you desire. For instance, yellow means luck. Theory has it that once the yellow bracelet falls apart, the wearer will suddenly accumulate mass amounts of luck. Red represents romance, blue was knowledge, and green is for wealth. I normally would have picked a different color but since it was March 17th, I needed the green charm. So I've been wearing it for nearly a month.

Hmmm...that's kinda gross now that I think about it. But one day, I'm gonna be rich and being dirty won't matter. With my money I'm going to hire someone to do all my shopping. They will buy me a nice camera and I'll take pictures all over the world. (Oh, because I'm going to travel too.) One day I'll be in some foreign country and I'll snap a photo of a stranger. I won't know it at the time but the stranger will be a world renowned chef. When I go to show him his picture, he will invite me over for roasted artichoke, tender lamb, and mango pudding. Of course I'll go because I like an adventure. And food. On our way, he'll tell me stories of meals he has prepared for kings, foreign dignitaries, and princesses. "Do you want to meet the prince?" he will ask. I will stammer a simple yes. As we approach the palace, I will smell the flowers from the gardens. The breeze will flow through the curtains draped over the open windows. Music and laughing from inside will dance in my ears. We'll climb the stairs to the massive entrance door and greet the fellow guests. The prince will recognize his friend and come over to welcome us. After a short curtsy, the prince and I will have been introduced. A new tune will begin and the prince will take my hand and escort me to the middle of a large dance floor where we will sway and promenade for awhile. As the song nears completion, the prince will twirl me once more and allow me to fall into an impressive dip. Applause will fill the room. The prince will return to his hosting duties while I relish my artichoke, duck, and mango pudding.

*Sigh. I wish this bracelet would hurry up and fall off already.

What would you do with your money?


Rachel said...

You crack me up Charlotte!

Kassie said...

Sounds like you've got it all planned out... who needs the wealth? Just a trip and a camera... those are well within reach!

Thomas said...

If I got the money I would give a bunch to the Church (where were you on this one Sister Selfish). Then I would go to

I thought that you would have gone for a Red One if you could . . . Or a Blue one for if you take the GRE again!!!

laura said...

I don't know who your Thomas friend is, but his comment made me laugh.

Hmmm...ok. Non-selfish answer: I would start a scholarship fund for kids who show promising leadership abilities but can't afford college. I would purchase a warehouse in downtown SLC and rent it out to artists at a subsidized rate. They would have to go through a strict application process which involves them donating a piece of their work to my private collection. I guess that leads us to my selfish answer:

I would buy a LOT of artwork for my newly acquired house up in the Avenues that has enough walls to hang it on. I would let friends live there rent free. I would also buy an apartment on Park Avenue in NYC, a cottage in Pacific Grove, CA, a villa in Tuscany and a chateau in Nice.

And I would fly first class whenever I went overseas. I'll stick to coach for domestic flights. Something has to keep me humble.

Wow, long comment.

michelle said...

charlotte why didnt u just cut off instead of being dirty for a month? none of that stuff really happens...its like those dumb emails where they say u will get tremendous luck if u send to 0-5 ppl

Shankar said...

So how much money did you get when the thing finally fell off?