Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Hey, Leggo my Lego

Did I mention Little Boy Blue turned 10 last week? I didn't? Shame on me. His birthday and mine are only five days apart with Valentines in the middle. Talk about busy!

Now that I have a chance to tell you more about Little Boy - and since I finally downloaded the pictures from his party - he loves legos. Loves, loves, loves legos. Using the blocks for his theme, he completely planned his birthday party from the red, blue, and yellow plates to the "Guess the number of Lego blocks in the jar without going over" game. Mama Mia even proved her ultimate coolness by constructing a Lego pinata from a cereal box and plastic cups.

So, in honor of Little Boy Blue's birthday, and since he really enjoys math, I thought I'd share his party with you using an arithmetic problem.

1 birthday boy
+ several sugar cookies(his face is going to freeze like that one day. For all I know, it already has.)
+ 1 birthday pie
+ 1 pinata
+ lots of pinata candy(ever wonder why we call him Little Boy Blue?)

= 1 very, very,
very tired Birthday Boy!Aww, he looks so sweet. Must be all the sugar he ate.


Anonymous said...

Happy 10th birthday. :)



RED MOJO said...

Very cute, love the pinata (no n-yay). Kids + sugar = splitting headache for adults.

Shankar said...

Definitely a very cool pinata. Happy Birthday to him. Is he wearing blue boots? Wow.

Melissa said...

Your mom is awesome! I loved that pinata. LBB sounds a lot like my little boy now, I guess I have a lot to look forward to. Happy Birthday!!

Corina said...

I'm with the others. That was a way cool pinata. Looks like the big guy had a great time!

Craze said...

Aww.. great pics! I love the pinata idea!

Above Average Joe said...

I love Legos. I made sure The Champ got one for Christmas this year.

Beth said...

He is a sweetheart! Both in the BIG SMILE pictures and the sleeping ones.
Hope he still allows hugs and kisses from his big sister.

Anonymous said...

Darling pics... looks like fun around your place. Good to see you at 3WW again, too.


Dorky Dad said...

Happy Birthday!!

I remember when I was 10.

Actually, no. I don't remember when I was 10.

thethinker said...

Aww.. that's too adorable.

Laane said...

Happy birthday!!!

I bet he's dreaming great dreams.

Burg said...

So cute.. I'll bet you're a great big sister!

Here's the new blog:

I'm Chrissy! said...

Talk about sugar crash! He's cute! I can't believe he's 10. I remember when he was born.