Monday, February 18, 2008


I was a cashier during college and a pet peeve was customers who continued their cell phone conversations while at the register. For this reason, I will either end my call or ask the person on the other end to hold when I check out.

The other night I was in line behind three carts at Wally-World. The cashier was scheduled to go on break soon so she turned the register light off indicating the line was closed after my cart. While waiting, my bestest friend Elke called to tell me some exciting news. I chatted with her, hung up, and continued waiting. The line moved rather slowly since the three carts in front were each filled to the brim. Realizing I still had some waiting time, I called Mama Mia quickly to relay a message. Occasionally I had to tell some stranger trying to squeeze in behind me that the line was closed.

My turn finally came. In an attempt to start a casual conversation I joked,
"I bet you're glad that I'm the last person in your line so you can go on break now."
"Mm huh. My light has been off for over 30 minutes."
"I bet. That couple had quite a bit in their cart."
"Mm huh. And you weren't very helpful either. Miss Chitter - Chatter on her cell phone...I really needed your help to tell people my line was closed but I couldn't get your attention."
"Hey, I told about 3 or 4 people."
"Yeah, and I told 10!"
"Well, my best friend just got engaged ten minutes ago. Of course I had to get the details!"
"You get excited about people getting married? Well...I suppose you ARE still young."

Whoa. I've never felt inadequate in my role as customer but since I apparently performed so low on my Wal-Mart Volunteer Performance Evaluation, I humbly submit my two - week notice effective immediately. I only hope Target recognizes my potential.


Beth said...

Well, that cashier was in a foul mood. You weren't hired to inform people the line was closed - but you did anyway.
I'm sure Target will appreciate you.

And, hey, it's Monday - your post has such a new sense of maturity to it! ;)

(P.S. I don't hate you for cutting out recipes from magazines! Take em all!)

RED MOJO said...

Just don't cut out recipes will you're in the checkout line. They hate that even more than when you talk on the cell phone, or don't do their job for them!

Craze said...

Whoa.. she was really out of line there. It's not your job to do HER job.

Shankar said...

New-found maturity or not, people still think that you are young. That should balance things out for you.

I'm Chrissy! said...

How rude of that cashier. They can really be bitter people.

Diesel said...

This is not going to look good on your next performance review.

Paul and Sarah said...

I hate WalMart in a big way.

Jake said...

I have failed the Wal-mart volunteer exam so many times, I quit counting. I think that is one of the reasons that I don't shop there anymore...

plus there isn't one inside of the perimeter.

Clairissa said...

That happened at Walmart? DOESN'T surprise me one bit. I've had some baaad experiences in the check out line and each time I swear I'm never coming back.

Dorky Dad said...

Wow. Humiliated at Wal-Mart. You really can't get any lower than that.

Staci said...

LOL I can't BELIEVE the cashier said that to you. It is a pretty funny story though. My goodness. Well, you handled it magnificently Char. Props to you-

I love the dorky dad comment. lol

charlotta-love said...

Beth: my mom said I seemed more mature too. hmmm.

Mojo: point noted. I will no longer cut with scizzors in line.

Craze: That's kinda what I thought...

Shankar: Looking young will certanly come in handy when I'm 60.

Chrissy: Maybe she was hungry. She WAS about to go on break.

Diesel: I gave them two weeks!

Sarah: I would stop going there but then where would I get blog material?

Jake: the perimeter: ah HA, the truth comes out.

Clairissa: It's too close to my home for me to boycott.

DD: I'm sure there is SOMETHING I could do to go lower... I'll get some ideas from your blog. :o)

Staci: I was laughing out loud. I'm sure that only encouraged her.

Above Average Joe said...

You actually talk to Wal-Mart employees? (Kidding)

Sometimes it doesnt pay to be nice.

Jared and Katy said...

Well I say...forget the cashier....congrats to your engaged friends!!

charlotta-love said...

Joe: I'll stick to the self checkout line from now on.

Katy: Amen! Congrats Elke!!!

Rachel and her Brasileiros said...

charlotte-- so that recipe you gave me like 4 years ago or something... i remember telling you I loved spinach artichoke dip and i wanted to make it someday and the next time i saw you, you handed me the card with that recipe on it. so nice:)