Wednesday, February 13, 2008

A Little Stressed

New Year's Goal #5 : Train for and complete my 2nd triathlon.

That goal is currently on hold. One day I was running at the gym and felt a dull pain on my right foot as though I'd tied my shoe too tight. I loosened the laces and continued running. The pain increased so I ended my run early and headed home. I set up an appointment with a local podiatrist and met with the doctor last Monday. I watched as he placed the x-rays on the light and realized I knew all the bones.

I had to brag.

"I'm in an anatomy class and we just studied the foot. I know all those bones."
"Oh really? What's this one called?"
"That would be my navicular."
"Very good! And this one?"
"The calcaneus."

"I'm impressed."
"So, uh, what's wrong with my foot?"
"You have a stress fracture right here."

I looked at the x-ray but couldn't see the fracture. I took his word though since my foot hurt. He put me on a strict exercise plan and by that I mean NO running or biking for a couple weeks. I had to wear a glorified ace bandage for 4 days. Although the bandage was moist when he wrapped my foot, it dried and became rather stiff. I wasn't allowed to get it wet. That turned my showers into a Barnum & Bailey Balancing Act.

Really though, I'm trying to start a new trend. Michael Jackson wore one glove - what stops me from wearing just one foot wrap? I'm bringing stretchy back.


RED MOJO said...

A stress fracture, oh dear! You'd better let it heal properly, you're going to be needing that body later.

Beth said...

What causes a stress fracture? The running? And if so, how do you ever get back at it? Best of luck with the recovery.

As for bringing stretchy, Michael and Justin are such trend setters!

ThomCarter said...

I am SURE that you have a stress fracture?!?!?!

I think that I am going to start saying that I have a stress fracture too!

Shankar said...

Hey, nice feet. Your blog will now be inundated by all the foot fetishists. Pity about the stress fracture.

Paul and Sarah said...

I hope you painted your toenails just for the occasion.

Craze said...

Ouch! Sorry, that put a damper in your running plans. Hope you have a speedy recovery!

And look at those pretty toes all painted!

charlotta-love said...

Mojo: no fear. I am taking it easy and resting as much as I can.

Beth: Running wasn't the case this time. My foot was bumped REALLY hard and the bone cracked a bit. Running just agrivated it. You just have to let the bone heal. 2-6 weeks. Oh, glad you caught my reference to Justin. :o)

Thom: Say what you want. You have to limp to make it believable though.

Shankar: I'll drive traffic to my blog any way I can get it.

Sarah: the toenails are ALWAYS painted.

Craze: well...I'm actually enjoying this "not going to the gym" bit. I'll wait. :o)

Sherry said...

Sorry about your foot!!!
I have to say though -- I loved your 3 WW -- it was great!!! And I knew I recognized your name from somewhere -- I look to my right and there she is...Miz Beth ETC!!

Em said...

So sorry about the accident. Hope you are a fast healer. And yeah, I have to agree with the others who said...cute toes!

thethinker said...

Ouch. Hopefully you'll recover pretty quickly.

Coordination Queen said...

I'm seriously impressed at how great those toenails look. Hope your foot feels better soon.

Dorky Dad said...

Shower? I'd totally use that as an excuse to not take a shower. Then again, I can use anything as an excuse not to take a shower.

Patience said...

Very fashionable! Especially with the lovely pedicure!!

Burg said...

Nice toenails.. Mine look like crap.. Oh and sorry about your foot thingy too.

UL said...

oh that sucks, hope you feel better and can get back into a regular routine soon, I know how painful it is since I had an ACL tear last year and I was forced off all my fav. activities for a strict exercise routine for almost a sucked!

Shankar said...

I'm bringing stretchy back,
Them other girls don't know how to wrap
I think it's special...behind the Achilles at the back
So wrap around and tuck in the slack

Pretty toes,
See this bandage baby like a rose
I got this fracture when I misbehaved
Stumbled on a rock and got this way

Come here girl, wrap it and be done with it
Wrap to the back, over the top and be done with it
VIP, nail polish on me
Lemme see what you're working with
Look at those tips
Make me smile
Go 'head child and get your stretchy on.

The Dally Llama said...

Sounds like a perfect time to do some serious work on swimming. Don't let the time slip away. NO EXCUSES!!

My triathlon update: I'm considering doing this one:

Still don't have the bike issue resolved though. Plus I'll be moving cross-country just a few weeks before, so it might be a pretty tall order. But if I don't do that one, I'm going to another one.

But I'm just getting back on the horse from being sick for the last week and a half. I hate setbacks.